Baby Bottle UV-C ?????????? and Dryer, Multi-Purpose Cleansing, Bonus Replace Bulb (Beige)

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Product Description

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    TCBunny UV steriliser &amp; dryer 

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        Protect your baby’s developing immune system by using the latest ultraviolet LED technology.  The vital TCBunny UV steriliser &amp; dryer will dry-disinfect any item without using chemicals, heat, steam or sterilising solution, giving you extra peace of mind that your little one is protected. Versatile – sterilize bottles, toys, makeup brushes and more

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Baby Bottles Sanitizer

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Baby Bottles Sanitizer

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    Large Capacity

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        The disinfection space is large enough to be put into a variety of household items. Fits up to 6 standard size bottles

    High-quality UV Lamp

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        Our High-quality UV lamp provide safely and efficiently eliminate 99.9% of E. Coli, Salmonella, Staph, and other harmful germs when use as directed.

    HEPA Air Filter

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        Dual ventilation system in place for more efficient drying and cleaner air flow.

    Safety Storage Function

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        A short 2-minute sterilization cycle is run every 3 hours to keep items germ free during storage.

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    Independently tested for Safety and Effectiveness

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        Independent lab test report.

        Test Report NO. JKW180801-01

        FCC Tested by Intertek, certified in April 2019

        Test Report NO. 190318102GZU-001

        ETL certified for US

        Electronic safety certifying body: Intertek, certified in July 2019

        Test Report NO. JKW180801-01

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WIDELY APPLICATION: The gentle heat and effective -UV- rays can safely dry and ste-rili-ze all sorts of things: particularly handy for jewelry, electronic devices, and sunglasses.
SAFETY MATERIALS: Our Baby -UV- Ste-rili-zer is ETL & CE APPROVED and passed SGS CB & Safety Test. It doesn’t contain any nasties – BPA, PHTHALATE, AND LEAD-FREE.
LARGE CAPACITY: the ste-rili-zer can fit up to 6 baby bottles and nipples. Also safe for plush toys, cell phones, electronics, keys, eyeglasses, kitchenware, and just about anything at your home!
EASY CLEANSING: Unlike steam ste-rili-zers, there is no risks for limescale and rust forming.
CLEAN STORAGE: Optional storage setting activates -UV- ste-rili-zation for two minutes, every two hours, air exchange will work for 20 seconds ensuring all feeding gear remains completely sani-tized up to 72 hours if the lid is unopened.


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