Buckingham Travel Compact Folding Easywipe Toilet Aid

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When you find reaching difficult due to mobility problems, a bad back or even an injured elbow, shoulder, or wrist; personal hygiene after using the toilet can be a new challenge. This may mean that you find it difficult to, or simply can not wipe clean. The Buckingham Easywipe Bottom Wiper gives you a longer reach and is ideal for those who have limited reach or flexibility. Most other toileting aids require that you physically remove the soiled toilet paper compromising your personal hygiene, it overcomes this with a unique and comfortable gripping slot that secures the toilet tissue for a quick and easy wipe. Once you are ready to dispose of the toilet paper the quick release button on the top of the bottom wiper can be pressed to release the used toilet paper without needing to touch it. Since the toilet aid is compact it is a great addition for those needing a solution when leaving home, going on vacation, camping, or traveling without the need to take up extra space. It comes in a carrying case that is convenient and sanitary to store your toilet aid when not in use.


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